The company warrants including the motor, for nromal house use, against defects in material or workmanship for a limited period of original retail purchase. During this period the company has the option to either repair or replace parts of change if the product is returned pre-paid to any authorised service station along with proof of purchase.

The grinder subjected to misuse, neglect, accident or inproper installation is not covered by the warranty. The decision of the company / service centre is final in all case of complaints or disputes.


  • Read the instructions properly before using the grinder.
  • Always switch off the mains before handling grinder
  • Disconnect the grinder is not in operation.
  • Keep the grinder away for the direct heat or sun.
  • Always keep the grinder clean and dry.


  • Don't run the grinder empty without any load.
  • Don't use your hands inside the drum while in operation.
  • Don't allow children to operate the grinder.
  • Don't burden the motor with loads heavier than specified.
  • Don't lift the grinder while in operation.
  • Don't grip the running drum while in operation.

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