Astra Grand

Astra Table top grinders are brought to you DRS Home Equipments. A company with more than a quadrant of experience in manufacturing grinders.

Through extensive research and development ASTRA grinders excels with the feature of Elegant, Light weight and easy to use, Specially designed two stone roller and three stone roller for quick grinding.

Two attachments - Atta Kneader and Cocconut Scraper. Drum made of high quality salem steel. Savings on electricity, lesser grinding time. Fast and effective after sales & service with 6 years warranty.


  • Grinding rice and pulses
  • Preparing Kurma Masala
  • Preparing Chutneys
  • Preparing Dal Batter for Vadas

Technical Data

  • Capacity : 2.25 Litres
  • Motor : 150 W Single Phase ; 960 RPM Motor
  • Voltage : 180-240V AC, 50 Hz
  • Weight : 16 Kgs
  • Size : 495mm L X 305mm W X 317.5mm H
  • Power Chord : ISI


 Effectively kneads to the right consistency and makes your roties, poories, chappathies and parathas tastier.

OPERATION: Remove Roller stone Assembly and place the Atta Kneader in the Centre Shaft and tighten the top nut and Spring assembly. Then feed approximately 350 gms of atta in the steel drum. Pour little water and switch ON the machine. Add adequate quantity of salt and oil. Add water till you get the required consistency.
 Helps you to scrap the coconut to fineness for tastier chutneys.

OPERATION: Fix the scrapper on the Centre shaft. Switch ON the machine. Take the half cut coconut and hold it firmly on the scraper. After scraping is over remove the scraper from the shaft.

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